How to Start a Membership Website using ARmembers Setup Wizard?

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As you all know that membership site can be a business in itself and can generate a good amount of passive income for you too.

But setting up a membership site can be a difficult task if you dont know where to start.

And thats why today in this article I have brought an amazing wordpress membership plugin name ARmember for you which will let you to have your membership site ready by just few simple click.

Although, ARMember is known as an all in one membership plugin because it has all the features what a membership plugins needs to have.

And among all those features ARmember setup wizard is one of them which allow you to setup your membership site ready by just following few simple steps which I am going to discuss below.

Now lets have a look on that how you can setup your membership site using an ARmember setup wizard

How to Start a Membership Website using ARmembers Setup Wizard?

As already I have discussed that ARMember Plugin has one of the amazing feature name ARmember setup wizard which let you to create a membership program by creating a simple short code.

And once short code ready, copy it and paste wherever you want to show your membership program on your site.

Now lets see how to use setup wizard for creating a membership program

Once you install and activate the ARmember plugin, navigate this path ARmember->configure plan->signup page. This will open one another page where plan creation takes place.

armember plugin setup

Basic configuration

armember setup wizard

Under the basic configuration section first it ask you to select the plans. By default ARmember provides you a free membership plan but if you want to create another one then just click on add new plan and follow the instruction appear on your screen. So select the plan.

Then it ask you to select a signup page which it will display to your visitors. I have selected the default one but if you have created any customized form then you select that one.

In last select the payment gateway according to your requirement.

Other options

armemebership plugin

This section allows you to configure the labels that are gonna to appear throughout your membership site. So filed it up being careful.

Styling and formatting

armemebership plugin

The first option you can see in this section is selection a skin plan out of six skin plan which is gonna to let you customize the look of your site.

The next step is enabling two step signup option. Do it according to your requirement by reading the description given below it.

By enabling hide current plans option, already owned plan by a member will be hide. And also allows you to hide plan selection area too.

As you will scroll down you will see more options over there such as setting up the position of the plan, payment gateway skin, content width and form position.

armember formatting

It also provide you to set the layout of your plans, payment cycles, and payment gateways.

In the last section it allows to set the font style, color of the title, description, price, summary etc. related to your plan.

As you can see in the above picture that if you want to add your own CSS code to customize the look of your site then you can do it.

Finally, after doing all the things above you can preview your plan and can see that how its look like.

armember wordpress plugin

Create your membership plan

After doing all the steps above, simply click on save and you will redirected to the page where you will get a short code.

armember plugin setup

Copy this short code and paste anywhere on your website where you want to show your membership plan.

test post


Lets wrap up

ARmember is one of the best membership plugin which allow you to create a membership program by just following few simple steps.

Above I have shared a step by step guide on how you create your membership program using an ARmember setup wizard.


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