Latest Home Office Furniture Setups From Metro Wardrobes

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We live in interesting times, that today most people are self-employed, have their own business to run and this usually entails working from home. Even for the employed ones, working from home also comes in handy.

Home-Office-Furniture-from-Metro-WardrobesWorking from home is convenient and allows you to bring some work from the office to your house. However, for it to be productive, the set up also needs to look the part. Metro Wardrobes offers you awesome, customized home office furniture at very affordable costs.

Heres what youll need to consider before picking the right home office furniture;

  • One of the major steps towards having a home office is to get a room in the house that can be transformed into an office. Ensure the room is away from the Kitchen or living room which may have a lot of noise and movement to avoid any form of distraction. Metro wardrobes will do a site visit for free and help you make the best decision
  • Also ensure that the room has a good view and windows that will allow some light in the room just so that you may not feel confined. If you are not able to have a window in the room then try and have a good painting or picture that you can look up to every once in a while.
  • Ensure you have key essentials needed In a home office like;
  • Comfortable office chairs
  • Good and stable desks table
  • Organizers for your documents
  • Storage boxes and a cabinet
  • Book shelf
  • Work lights
  • Paint your room to a color of your choice; this will help encourage you to use the office space even when you are not feeling up to it. A good wall color helps set the mood for every room
  • Ensure the accessories are homely, this helps to remind you that you are still at home, a home office should combine homeliness and an element of official look.
  • Research on the best places to purchase all the furniture youll need. Metro Wardrobes Home office furniture pieces include customized desks and chairs, drawers and shelves that can be fitted almost anywhere; under the stairs, on wall corners, in the basement, you name it.

About Metro wardrobes

Metro Wardrobes is based in London but caters to the whole of England

  • Metro Wardrobes will send a qualified designer to visit your home and preferred home office room of your choice.
  • The designer together with an interior decorator will survey and take in your desires and requirement, they will then design a prototype visual for your approval.
  • The fact that Metro Wardrobes have a Showroom in London where all furniture is manufactured, means that you can drop by and place your order one on one. Its also easier tracking the progress of the home office furniture

Home office set up;

  • Setting up your home office is very important because this ensures that the office is fully functional and also that it is presentable.
  • Its not just about choosing the furniture, but also choosing the best home office furniture for your needs. A home office, like any other office, will need to offer you comfort and a conducive environment where you can concentrate on your tasks.

Things to consider;

  • The type of desk you get is key to the whole set up of the office. You can either have the floating desk in the middle of your office and everything else will work around the desk, or against the wall, or even a built in desk which is most often stuck to one of the walls of the office and leaves a lot of room to be used.
  • Computer or laptop placement is another thing to consider. Depending on the desk placement, youre able to decide the size of the computer to be placed on it and how much space is needed for the equipments that come with the computer like; keyboards.
  • Printer, photocopy machine and paper shredders should also be part of the home office set up. If you are working from home you would also prefer to print, photocopy or get rid of documents straight at your convenience. Thus, where to place them is another thing to consider.
  • As noted earlier, where you place the desk will determine how much room you have in the room and how much room you have will determine the size of cabinets and book shelves you will get and where they will be placed in terms of the set up.
  • Just like any office be it at home or in an office building, clients and visitors dropping in are another thing to consider. Due to this additional seating space of either chairs or a couch should also be considered in the set up.

Contact Metro Wardrobes on and well be glad to work with you in setting up the perfect home office. Well finish designing, assembling, and fitting all your furniture in 14 days or less, after youve made your order. Better Still, were running a promo where you get a free bedside table for every order you make between now and Oct 15th. Hurry now and talk to us!

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