What Does a Landlord Need to Know about an EPC Certificate London?

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What Does a Landlord Need to Know about an EPC Certificate London?

Energy efficient houses are beneficial for the environment and the people. The low energy consumption keeps the bills under control and keeps the environment clean. The energy performance certificate tells the landlords how energy efficient the property is. Getting an EPC certificate London is not a luxury but a legal obligation. It details the energy performance of the property and offers suggestions that can help in achieving better EPC rating. The landlords should be aware of the latest EPC rules so that they do not face any hurdles while selling, constructing or letting the property.

Here are a few basic things about an EPC certificate that every landlord should be aware of.

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General Rules Regarding EPC Certificate London:

Before diving into the details of an EPC assessment every landlord needs to understand the importance of the legislation and know the new rules. If you are planning on renting the property then you should know that according to the new laws it is illegal to rent a property whose rating is lower than E unless it comes under the category of buildings that are subjected to an exemption. Failing to abide by the law can result in a heavy fine.

A landlord will also need to find an accredited person to carry out the assessment. If it is not done by an accredited person then it is not considered reliable.

What is The Cost?

One of the first questions that will come to the landlords mind is the cost they will have to pay to get the EPC certificate. There are a number of factors that determine the cost of an EPC assessment like size, type, and age of the property. These are the factors that affect the energy consumption of a property and it also determines how much work is required to ensure that the rating is accurate and fair. You can get a quote so that you can get an exact cost you will need to pay to get the assessment.

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What Does an EPC Assessment include?

An EPC ensure that the property has low energy consumption and is safe to live. During the assessment, the assessors take a look around the house and take record of everything that consumes energy. They will take a look at the insulation, windows, lighting, glazing, heating systems, boiler, and other factors so that they can assess the energy consumption of the house. The assessors will also check pipes for leakage and functionality of radiators.

The assessors make a record of measurements and detail of the propertys construction. The details shared in the report are effective in making improvements that will Increase the EPC rating.

Contents of an EPC Certificate:

After the assessment is done an EPC certificate is given. In an EPC certificate, an A to G rating is awarded to the property. The certificate also includes an estimate of the energy property is using.

The certificate also includes improvement recommendations. Simple upgrades can make a huge difference in energy consumption. The suggestions make sure that you invest your money on the upgrades that are effective in improving EPC rating.


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