Five golden rules for shopping for the best plus size garments

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One of the darkest periods in womens fashion was probably the time when body inclusivity was glossed over. With decades of the media idealising an unhealthy image of the ideal woman, curvier women often faced the brunt of the lack of any sexy, stylish and trending styles catered explicitly to their body sizes. Thankfully, with the new wave of body positivity and the inclusion of diversity into the world of fashion, plus size and curvy women have a lot more options to choose from, from street style to high-street and designer looks catered to fit women of different shapes and sizes.

golden rules for shopping

With tons of fashion edits, blogs, stylists and clothing stores devoted to providing fashion forward clothing catered to plus-sized beauties, it is a cakewalk to find articles of clothing that are on-trend and suits your body and helps you achieve an impressive closet filled with pieces that can help you look stunning without overshooting your budget. (Heres a pro tip: DealVoucherz can be an incredible asset in finding some deals and discounts on plus sized fashion top selling items.) However, what most people generally struggle with is styling those items to create looks that look good according to your body type.

Here are some of the best styling tips to help you attain an incredible personal style based on your best features.

  1. Use your strengths

While people often tend to tell plus sized women that they need to hide their flaws and wear baggier, less fitted clothing. Well, if you are proud of your body and want to show it off, dont let anyone stop you. Wear bright colours, patterns, prints, styles and see-through panels to highlight your favourite features instead of focusing on hiding your body.

  1. Dont be a sheep

Trends are fun, but at the end, your personal style has to stand out and take centre stage. Look for patterns that are pertaining to your style and ditch the rest. You dont necessarily need to follow up with all the different clothing trends that pop up and frankly, you shouldnt because some of them are pretty much unsuitable for daily wear or an everyday look. Think about items that you can get some wear out of and things that look good on you now and not maybe someday.

  1. Accessorizing

Using some statement pieces of jewellery or some accessories for your look can help make your whole outfit look well thought out and relevant to ensure that you always look effortlessly styled. Pairing an expensive high heeled shoe can with a simple, understated outfit can help elevate your look to something that seems extremely expensive and well planned out. Dont shy away from using some bags and sunglasses to really pull together any look whatsoever to ensure that even an outfit pulled together in a hurry looks pre-planned and perfect. If you are looking to buy Photography accessories, then visit our Backdropsource UK Website.

shopping tips

  1. Sizing issues

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a plus size girl is to skimp out on the fit due to lack of availability. Dont settle for anything that doesnt fit correctly and that starts with the right size of underwear. Choose items that match perfectly and isnt uncomfortable, for the right underwear creates the basis for a good outfit. The right lingerie can help you get the confidence to try more fitted styles and can help you step out of your comfort zone.

  1. Knowing your own measurements

This is one of the most important factors when you are looking for anything online. Different stores have different sizes of clothing, and even for international dimensions, you will often encounter varying sizes for the same size. Knowing the exact measurements of your body can help you find clothes that are going to fit you right.




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